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1. We will employ a licensed contractor of our choice to install a complete septic system on any property purchased from us. 

2. Each septic system is priced at $3,900; $500 down; $35/month.*

3. Other Information:

Price includes: 1,200-gallon pre-cast concrete tank built to current NMEID specificiations; ABS distribution and drain pipe in gravel leach field as specified by NMEID for the installation; 12-inch risers from tank; permit/inspection fee; sales tax.

Not included: sewage line (nor its installation) from home (or other source) to the septic tank.

Tank and leach line locations on the property to be mutally agreed upon by you, the contractor and us.

Installation to be completed within approximately 90 days after we receive the executed contract and down payment.

Guaranteed for one year provided it is only used for intended residential wastes and volumes.

We reserve the right to cancel or amend this offer at any time.

* Payments for septic system are in addtion to payments for land (and other improvements, if any).
   Example (prices will vary, depending upon price of your land and depth of your well):
      land purchase = $500 down, $230/mo.
      well, if included = $1,900 down, $55/mo.
      pump, if included = $700 down, $40/mo.
      septic, if included = $500 down, $35/mo.
  Total example for land, well, pump and septic = $3,600 down, $360/mo.

If you would like to purchase land from us now, but add improvements later:  We will, within 2 years of your purchase, add any or all of these improvements at our then published prices and terms.  Ask us for an addendum to your purchase contract providing for this option.

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