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sk looking SE

Mountain Views In All Directions

Adjacent State-owned land on two sides affords extra privacy and protection.
Access via a country lane just 3/4 mile off county-maintained road (school bus, mail, phone & electric).
2.5 miles to pavement, 18 miles to Deming.
Includes well* and septic** system.

looking E toward Florida Mtns

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Area Map

 Driving Directions
(Note: not all roads are signed -- check mileage readings)
  • From Interstate-10, exit Hwy. 11 South (through Deming).
  • Approximately 12 miles S of Deming (on curve), turn right (Southwest) off of Hwy 11 onto paved CO10 (Brazil Rd).
  • 4 miles S of Hwy 11 (at Bond Rd intersection), Brazil Rd becomes a county-maintained gravel road.
  • 1.75 mile S of Bond Rd, turn right (W) off of CO10 (Brazil Rd) onto a country lane.
  • The apparent country lane ends about 0.5 mile (1/2 mile) W of Brazil Rd, but continues (as a legally dedicated 30-foot-wide right-of-way) an additional 0.25 mile (1/4 mile) W to the SE corner of the property (Sk1).  Thus, the SE corner of the property is a total of 0.75 mile W of Brazil Rd.  
  • Sk1 is approximately square, being 1/4 mile on each side. 
  • The country lane is not County-maintained. 

  • Google Maps:
       Coordinates 31.999681,-107.770751
       Satellite View (in new window)

Closeup Map

brazil rd looking N

country lane looking W

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Price: $49,900
Terms: $2,000 down, $455 per month (approx. 15 years @ 7.9% a.p.r.)
Larger payments may be made at any time (and would be applied to principal, shortening the term and saving interest).
Seller pays costs of survey, title insurance and recording.

*Well data per NM St Engr record M-11502: drilled by Fairres February 2016, 220' deep, water at 70', 5" casing perforated from 160-220 ft, est 20 gpm.
**Septic data per NM EID record DE160025: installed by Salinas May 2016, 1000 gal tank, two lines at 375' ea, trenches 2' wide x 3' deep x 55' long ea, total 750 sq ft.

looking SW

looking NW

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If you would like to purchase this property, or if you have any questions, please contact us:

  • Our e-mail address is land@qualprop.com.
  • Our cell phone number is 520-909-5545.
  • Our message and FAX number is 520-742-2202.
  • If you'd like us to call you, please indicate phone numbers and times that are convenient for you.

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