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4.82 Acres, only 3 Miles North of Deming

On a knoll with great views of surrounding area and mountains.
Electric and phone nearby.

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 Driving Directions
(Note: not all roads are signed -- check mileage readings)

  • At Deming, from Interstate-10, exit Hwy 180 North toward Silver City.
  • Continue N on Hwy 180 approx 1.75 miles to Arrowhead Dr (D014) (past junction with Hwy 26 and past Highland Dr).
  • Turn East off of Hwy 180 onto Arrowhead Dr (D014).
  • One (long) block East of Hwy 180, turn North off of Arrowhead Dr onto unpaved Blue Mound Rd.
  • Three (long) blocks North of Arrowhead Dr, turn West off of Blue Mound Rd onto Dunes Rd.
  • The West corner of this Property (El5) is at the intersection of Dunes Rd and the electric transmission lines.  
  • Notes:  The Property has 600 feet of frontage along Dunes Rd and is 350 feet deep. It includes a 30 ft wide roadway easement along its SW side and a 150 ft wide electric transmission line easement along its NW side.  The road running East-West through this Property may be closed (and traffic may alternatively use Dunes Rd and/or the powerline road).

  • Google Maps:
       Coordiantes 32.307072,-107.772624
       Satellite View (in new window)

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Price: $14,900
Terms: $500 down, $139 per month (approx. 14.5 yrs @ 7.9% a.p.r.)
Larger payments may be made at any time (and would be applied to principal, shortening term and saving interest).
Seller pays costs of survey, title insurance and recording.

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If you would like to purchase this property, or if you have any questions, please contact us:

  • Our e-mail address is land@qualprop.com.
  • Our cell phone number is 520-909-5545.
  • Our message and FAX number is 520-742-2202.
  • If you'd like us to call you, please indicate phone numbers and times that are convenient for you.

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